Big Motoring World Reviews

Ms Gupta has recently visited Big Motoring World after finding us on Autrotrader and found that we have a huge selection of used BMWs to choose from. She has told us that our saleswoman was very helpful and assisted in finding the correct car for Ms Gupta to suit her needs. 

The site at Big Motoring World is very well organised, as I was able to find the model I had been looking for very easily. Taz the salesman was very helpful and felt comfortable to talk to. I was not put under any pressure to buy anything I didn’t want to. 


Nurat found Big Motoring World on Google when she was looking for a local car dealer and thought we were easy to get to. She has since told us that the site was very attractive and easy to get around and that the cars were all grouped very well. 

The sale of the car was good, the salesman was very polite he was patient and we were not rushed at all. The salesman was not misleading at all, and made everything clear what could and couldn't be done so there were no confusions when it came to collection.The vehicle collection was good, with clear explanations of how everything worked and even though our collection was a Saturday and very busy we were not rushed at all.


Mr Weller appeared a little sceptical when he was recommended to Big Motoring World by a friend, but that soon changed when he arrived. He tells us that the layout of the site is very nice and in a very easy to find location. He also stated that our vast collection of BMWs are very desirable vehicles.

I will admit to being a little sceptical when I was recommended to Big Motoring World by one of my colleagues, but I am pleased to say that all of my scepticism was gone when I arrived at the main site in Kent. The salesman was very clear and easy to understand and the handover itself was also very good. I would certainly recommend them to my friends. 


Ian has purchased a used BMW from Big Motoring World before and has since returned after looking for us on the Autotrader. He has told us that he was very happy with the sales process, calling it a smooth experience and that the cars were always very easy to find. He was also very pleased with the handover procedure, stating that the regular updates on vehicle progress were very helpful and insightful.

Overall, I was very happy with the vehicle I purchased at Big Motoring World the first time around, so I decided to visit again.  Most scratches on my new BMW were gone with the machine polish and stone chips had been touched in. I would certainly recommend them to more of my friends.