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The driving force behind Big Motoring World is a man who wants to make sure that his customers get the best of everything at a price which is within easy reach. This man is Peter Waddell and he has spent many years honing his skills within the motoring industry to ensure that this is exactly what he can deliver day after day. Many motorists still think that BMW models are financially out of their reach, but by paying a visit to this dealership, you will see that this couldn't be further from the truth. At their premises in West Malling alone, there is an absolutely astounding range of these prestigious cars which are within most people's budget. We set out to meet the man behind the scenes and to see if we could find out exactly what makes his business the success that it has become today.
But the business that Peter owns today had more humble beginnings – in 1989 he launched what was to become the flagship business for his empire. In those days, he couldn't possibly have envisaged that his company was going to become the largest independent dealership in the country – as well as becoming an award winning business along the way. It just shows you what sheer determination and hard work can achieve and he is no stranger to putting his nose to the grindstone. It is with this mind-set that he has been able to expand his organisation to encompass an impressive range of other outlets including Mini World and Canterbury Motoring World to mention but a few. In fact he currently owns seven successful business ventures which are manned with only the most qualified and professional personnel. In particular their General Manager is a dedicated team member, as Peter puts it – "Aaron Perks is our General Manager and has dedicated more than 13 years to the Big Motoring World cause. By bringing twenty five years of used motor trade experience to the company Aaron has helped push Big Motoring World to new heights." Investing in the quality of personnel that he employs has stood in him good stead, if the prosperity of this dealership is anything to go by. Customers need a service that they can depend upon, a company in which they can place their trust and above all else – be cost effective.
In 2010 the dealership was rewarded for the hard efforts of Peter and his team when Auto Trader presented them with the "Independent Used Car Retailer of the Year" award. This coincided with the Big Motoring World's decision to expand their West Malling premises. By investing more than eight million into the company, they have taken the ball and run with it. But for the man whose business this baby is, individual recognition was not too far away. In December 2012, he was given the "Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award" for his services to the industry at the Wheeler Dealers award ceremony held in conjunction with Car Dealer. An accolade truly worthy of this man who is the driving force at the hub of this enterprise.
Our cars are fast becoming more of a necessity and less of a luxury when you take into account our general daily lifestyles. Nothing is on the doorstep anymore and with a much wider choice of commodities, leisure activities and employment locations, we rely upon our cars far more than we have ever done in the past. That said, as well as finding something which is easily affordable and reliable, we need cars which suit a multitude of purposes both professional and personal. Gone are the days when the company car was merely just that, we now expect our cars to fulfil all of our everyday needs which can include family use and recreation. Recognising this has meant that the man at the centre of Big Motoring World has been able to fill that gap in the market. But simply providing motorists with the car of their dreams is not enough for him – he has gone on to offer a range of services which guarantees not only the continued care of your vehicles but also the continued care of you, the customer.
We wanted to know exactly what Mr Waddell could offer the man on the street so we spent a day finding out. First impressions were good – on the exterior this seemed to be a professional dealership – but appearances can often be deceptive – that we know from past experiences of purchasing a new car. Our game plan was to find a BMW model that was going to suit the life of a busy journalist as well as adapt to our private lives and the demands of a family. Could there be a car out there that looks impressive for professional purposes but can also do the school run? – We were a little sceptical to say the least, but everyone deserves a chance.
Meeting with the sales team was an experience in itself – Peter says, "Our Big Motoring World sales team offer our customers a warm and friendly service and are on hand seven days a week to guide you through the buying process of your new BMW." This is a statement which definitely didn't do justice to the service we received. Our sales man had an amazing amount of knowledge about all the vehicles that they had in stock and within a very short space of time was able to determine exactly what sort of car would suit our exact requirements. He asked us exactly what we would be using our BMW for each day – in fact we soon forgot that we were supposed to be interviewing him! A short list of models was presented to us and we decided to test drive and X5 as well as a 7 series. Both models were less than three years old and this meant that they were still covered by BMW's own warranty. But we needn't have worried as models over three years old can still be provided with a warranty of between one and three years from Big Motoring World. We were amazed at how affordable all the cars in stock were and we are reliably informed that due to a high turnover, they receive frequent consignments of many models to keep up with demand. Each car is subjected to thorough testing before making its way to the fore court – nothing is too good for their customers. There is also the price promise to take into consideration – could it really be possible that they would beat any deal offered by another dealership on a comparable vehicle? It would indeed seem that this is the case – so much so that a growing number of their clients are coming from all four corners of the country. Why is this? Well, a number of them report that even accounting for the cost of travel they are still getting a better offer than many of their local dealerships have been able to provide.
Well Mr Waddell, that was relatively painless but a journalist isn't as well paid as you would imagine, so how could we easily afford to purchase one of your cars? "We are fortunate enough to have David Dicketts – he is our Business Manager and is here to assist you to find the best financial package which will suit your needs. David has over thirty seven years of experience in the motor trade and has been part of the Big Motoring World team since 2008." There certainly seems to be an emerging pattern with the team at this dealership – experience plus loyalty to the company. We were introduced to a number of plans that could make our monthly payments affordable – something which is vital to most of us when we consider purchasing a new car. They are able to provide a range of insurance products which were designed not only to protect our investment but also ourselves – again, all easily affordable. This was looking better by the minute!
Ok, car chosen – check, finances sorted – check, insurance cover – check, so what was next? The final stage was down to the hand over team who deal with the paperwork and final collection of the car. They monitor each stage of the purchase from the very beginning until the final hand over. Well, this really couldn't have been an easier process if it tried – hats off to you Mr Waddell. But it would appear that this dealership is far from just being the largest car supermarket in the UK. Selling these prestigious motors doesn't appear to be enough as the extensive range of services that are offered conveniently all on one site will tell you. This needed some further investigation. We decided to come up with various scenarios such as what if we broke down? What could they do if we were involved in an accident and what if we just wanted a little bit of a makeover? But above all else, we were interested to see how they would deal with any post purchase problems and how quickly these could be rectified. Having read a few of the on line complaints, these seemed to be of a simple nature and problems that could be easily rectified – in fact, you wonder why they did not approach the dealership directly in the first place if they had a complaint at all. Peter says "You can't always control certain situations and problems will arise from time to time. I would much rather that my customers contact myself directly if they do not feel that they are getting exactly what they want – we always welcome the opportunity to put things right."
So we asked what exactly would happen if we broke down or were involved in an accident. They told us that we could contact their emergency breakdown service who would come to our aid and take us to wherever we needed to go. As far as an accident was concerned they assure us that they will contact our insurance company on our behalf if we needed them too. Apparently, in some instances you do not have to use their recommended garages and do not always have to get more than one quotation for the cost of repairs. We imagine that this would be a great advantage, especially given the circumstances and the stress involved in road accidents. But even if we did get the go ahead from the insurance company, what could Big Motoring World do about it? A visit to the Big Body Shop would see everything taken care of. This branch of the business was established in 2010 when the managing director of Aylesford Accident Repair Centre went into partnership with Peter Waddell and became part of the Big Motoring World group. They provide an extensive range of services including full accident claims management, whether insurance based or non-insurance and operate a fleet management service – choosing to specialise in BMW models. Whether you have suffered severe accident damage or merely a scrape or bump – you will receive the same excellent service no matter what the repair may be. To make your life easier, they have a number of courtesy cars which are available for you to use whilst your car is off the road and which can be delivered to you and collected when convenient. As they say at the Big Body Shop: "You don't have to compromise, all our advice is honest, professional, unbiased and completely free of charge." – This applies to their estimates as well which are also given absolutely free of charge. Any work that they carry out is also subject to guarantee as they are members of the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association.
In fact on close inspection of some of their work, it is impossible to see where the repair has been carried out. This is due in part to the environmentally compliant waterborne paint which is used – this is mixed on site and therefore a perfect colour match is attainable. Well it would seem that Mr Waddell has it covered on the accident and breakdown front, but what could Big Motoring World offer us in terms of general care and upkeep of our cars once they have left the premises? This is one dealership which can provide a one stop shop for everything that you could possibly need to maintain your vehicle in peak condition. And the best part about it? It's all available on one site. In fact Peter thinks this is why many of his customers tend to come back on a repeat basis because everything is so convenient – they don't have to go anywhere else.
Peter isn't just in the business of supplying the demand for high quality pre-owned BMWs; he is genuinely interested in the after care of not only his vehicles but also his customers. He says that there are several reasons behind this – it enables his team to build an on-going relationship with their customers and allows them to work with vehicles that they are already familiar with. Obviously, he would not be a business man if there were not some financial gain for him, but providing high standards of customer care and satisfaction are his main priority. There are not many dealerships who adopt this approach and maybe this is why Big Motoring World has gone from strength to strength – an achievement in itself when you take into consideration today's economic climate.
So what is the range of after care services that this dealership claims to be so proud of? Providing an MOT and service option allows the team to give their clients the continuity of care which many of them benefit. If you wish to wait for your car, they are more than happy for you to watch them while they work from the viewing lounge. Or alternatively, some clients choose to sit back and relax or catch up with some unfinished business while they wait. When the car is ready, they will text you to let you know and from where the vehicle can be collected. This is also a time when the trusty courtesy car can come in handy if you can't spare the time in your busy schedule. We spoke to quite a few who return to this dealership for a number of after care services and are more than happy with the end results. They say that they have recommended Big Motoring World to a number of friends and acquaintances as being a reliable dealership that really listens to the needs of their clients.
These recommendations account for a portion of the population who choose to browse what this dealership has to offer on line. The comprehensive web site is a gold mine of information in itself and details the vast array of quality vehicles which are currently held within stock. This takes on line shopping to a whole new level for the everyday motorist who can peruse the range of amazing cars at unbelievable prices. Not only that, but they can take a look at everything else that this dealership has to offer including finance packages and after care services. But back to the range of cars on offer – they are cleverly presented by using Autos on Show software which has been implemented to improve the quality of advertising for each car. In fact the suppliers of this software were also one of the Wheeler Dealer award winners for the innovative way in which they allow clients to view vehicles on line.
Each vehicle is uploaded onto the website as if it were being displayed on a turntable. When we looked at some of the models available we could immediately see it from every angle before we saw it in real life. Easy and quick to use, the images were uploaded within minutes, far quicker than the old process of uploading individual photographs. There was also a gallery of still photographs and information for each car – particularly useful for those who live some distance away from Big Motoring World. In fact, everything we needed was available on the site including a whole range of customer testimonials – the greater proportion of which is incredibly happy it would seem. If you can't find what you are looking, you can chat online to one of their advisors who are always available to assist.
So what does the future hold for this entrepreneur? The much awaited opening of Canterbury Motoring World is due to happen in 2013 – photographs of their progress to date are available on their blog along with up to date entries on all their current news – including those much deserved awards . Whatever else there may be waiting down the line for Mr Waddell, you can guarantee that it will include his continued dedication to his customers, for he is forever thinking of new ways in which to improve his business and the services that he has to offer. His integrity is something he does not appear to want to compromise and his loyal customers respect this facet of his nature. On the whole we have nothing but praise for this man and the way in which he conducts his business affairs – he is an individual who is the first to admit that he is far from perfect. But what is the difference between Peter Waddell and other dealership owners? The fundamental difference is this is a man who knows that he is far from perfect and neither is industry in which he plays such a large part - but he will always give one hundred per cent to his customers.
So we have come to the end of our day at Big Motoring World and with heavy hearts we must hand back our choice of BMW models – after all it was only for journalism purposes wasn't it? We wouldn't be so sure about that – do we plan to come back and visit Mr Waddell? Most definitely, because we want to see what he can do for us for real!

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