November 2012 Big Motoring World Reviews

M Virdi RJ09***: Moni found us on the Autotrader website and thought we were easy to find. She has told us that the site layout was very nice and that it looked very professional. She was also impressed with our salesman, telling us that he was very helpful, cheerful and informative. 

The handover procedure at Big Motoring World was great and the final vehicle presentation was great, a big difference from when I first viewed it. I would recommend them to a friend.

K Wang: Kun found us on the Autotrader, after being told about us from a friend. He thought we were very easy to locate. The site presentation was good in his opinion and so was the final vehicle presentation.

The sales process with Big Moroting World was good and the salesman, Phil, was very helpful. Big thanks to Phill! The handover was also good and it was very smooth. I would certainly recommend to a friend.

B Najmt WR08***: Bilal found us on the Autotrader and thought to himself that we were quite easy to locate. When he visited, he found that the overall site presentation was excellent. 

My overall experience at Big Motoring World was very good and I have no complaints. I would recommend to all my friends.

Alex LD07*** Alex tells us that his overall experience was fine and that the handover was very quick and efficient. He found us on the Autotrader and thought we were easy to find. 

The final vehicle presentation was very good, as was everything else in my experience with Big Motoring World. I have already recommended them to all my friends.