More Reviews on Big Motoring World

Mr Davidson, who came away with a nearly new BMW 730d SE - YH58*** discovered that his overall experience at Big Motoring World was the best available. He told us he would recommend us to a friend. I first found Big Motoring World on the internet, whilst searching for used BMWS. It turns out that they were very easy to find, as a result of Big Motoring World’s excellent website. The overall site presentation was excellent on the website and I found the car I was looking for in seconds.

C Short, who now owns a used BMW 120d M Sport Auto - YK11***, first heard of us on Autotrader and found that we were very easy to find from that website. She also told us that our sales department were very helpful and professional. When I visited Big Motoring World, I found that the salesman was not too pushy and the handover was excellent. I would definitely recommend Big Motoring World to all of my friends. 

Mr Richards BMW 335i SE - N19***, first found us on the internet, via Autotrader and thought we were very easy to find. He has told us that the site presentation was very good and both our sales and handover procedures were very good. I first found Big Motoring World on the internet, where I also discovered that they were very easy to locate. Overall, my experience with them was very positive and the handover was straight forward and easy. I would recommend them to a friend.

Mr Bellamy, who recently bought a BMW 330ci Sport - RV05***, first found us on Autotrader, which she thought we were easy to find on. She stated the site presentation was good and the handover was good, with helpful advice throughout the transaction. She said she would recommend us to her friends. When I first arrived at Big Motoring World, I was a little nervous as I had never bought a used car before. Luckily, the salesman Jamie was very helpful throughout the entire process, giving fantastic service and care. Thanks Jamie!! 

Mr Leonard bought a BMW 325i SE - HN56*** is a previous customer of ours, having purchased from us before and has thought we were easy to find every time. I found the whole experience to be very good from start to finish and I have no complaints. I will recommend to a friend & will definitely be back again!

Mr Liu, who bought a BMW 530d M Sport - YA08*** with us, first discovered our existence on Autotrader and she thought we were easy to find from that service. Overall, my experience was good, with helpful staff and a magnificent range of used BMWs. I would definitely recommend to a friend.